Student Sponsored By SUA Pest Management Centre Presents Their Research Proposal

SUA Pest Management Centre sponsored  PhD Researchers will conduct research that will improve and preserve  environment for the benefit of human being and other living organisms through Rodents.

The research is aiming at looking the challenges and importance of different Tanzania areas so as to understand and to  alleviate the challenges  found on the field.

Speaking when presenting his Research Proposal titled “ The Community of Rodents in the Livingstone Mountains Ecosystem”. Mr. Philipo Jacob Mtwene said he decide to use  Rodent  in conducting his research because  rodent has the capacity to identify and smell different adour also are easily accesed compare to other animals.

Their capacity and accesibility will enable to show the significances and challenges that facing Livingstone mountains .
The research will be conducted in Livingstone mountains which are located  at Nothern part of Tanzania along side Lake Nyasa margins which is rich in bionohai and where unique species are found.

“Livingstone mountains are important because they lie on Lake Nyasa margins which has several kind of fish species in the world whereby some kind of fishes species are from Livingstone mountains river valley, thus if we do not focus on those mountains environment , we will end up missing and reducing other kind of species”
“I positively thank Pest Management Centre for the full sponsorship, am looking forward to conduct this research”.

Research presentation started on 12th November 2019 to 22rd November in Zoology Hall at Sokoine University of Agriculture whereby PhD researchers from different countries like Nigeria ,Uganda present their research proposal and report that sponsored by ACE II Project through SUA Pest Management Centre.

  • Miss Prisca Phd researcher speaking during the presentation

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