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The main mandate of the SUA Institute of Pest Management is to carry out and coordinate pest research activities in crops, animals and humans. Our research activities are broadly destined at understanding the biology and ecology of important vertebrate and invertebrate pests of crops, animals and humans; and eventually
developing sustainable technologies and/or strategies to manage such pests. We are deeply proud of the remarkable work our team is doing to acquire knowledge and generate solutions for pest problems in Tanzania and elsewhere in the region.

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Early Career Researchers Development Programme

If you are enthusiastic to develop your career in pest research and become a part or one of us, IPM is your home. We recruit 5-10 self-motivated and highly talented graduates each year to learn and work with us on voluntary basis. This group of graduates ‘The future generation Albert Einsteins of Pest Research and Technology Development’ are trained on all aspects of research and technology development. As part of this endeavor, we support them in developing competitive proposals for MSc and PhD fellowships; and make sure they attain these qualifications in part of their evolution to becoming successful and independent researchers. The plan is to retain few ones to strengthen our research team; and link the rest with other relevant research institutions and companies.

Going forward, we aim to transform SPM to a centre which can attract and support diverse and vibrant researchers. We would like to progressively reinforce our research workforce by recruiting committed and productive researchers through research projects. As such, we will be able to increase the scope of our research and outputs. Our Early Career Development Program will help us attain this.