Routine Field Trapping Activities To Assess Rodent Population Dynamics.

Pest Management Centre is known worldwide for its outstanding research outputs and contributions on rodent and other small mammals.  As such, the team or our researchers and technicians are constantly eager to achieve this core business of the Centre. Every three days a month our Team does rodents trapping in different fields so as to obtain samples for population dynamics. Samples collected from trapped rodents include among others blood for genomic studies on the rodent species and any associated infectious diseases.

These collections help SPMC to have large collections of samples/specimens which can be used for many other studies in the future. Below are the pictures for the recent rodent/sample collection activities done at Magadu and Mzinga maize fields in Morogoro Municipal on 8th March 2021. These routine rodent research activities are done in close collaboration with the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

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