Programme Manager from the Gates Foundation visits Tanzania to discuss progress of on-going Projects

Programme Manager from the Gates Foundation, Miss Jodi Lilley, met staff from SUA-Pest Management Centre (SPMC) and Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) in December 5, 2018, at Kibaha Tanzania, to discuss progress of two on-going projects at SPMC and TARI.

The project at SPMC is aimed at developing a predictive model for early warning of rodent outbreaks; and evaluating Trap Barrier System (TBS) as a novel technology for rodent management, lead by Prof. Loth Mulungu.

The project at TARI-Kibaha is aimed at establishing the impact of Nematodes on banana plantations, lead by Dr. Nassie Luambano. In addition to discussing the progress of those projects, the Director of SPMC, Dr. Ladslaus Mnyone, had the opportunity to brief Miss Jodi Lilley on mandates and roles of the Centre.

Miss Jodi was impressed by the progress of both projects and on-going researches at SPMC and promised to inform us on any future funding opportunities.

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