Pest Management Centre, Research on pastoralist communities regarding their knowledge on Rift Valley Fever.

“Expectation is to assess the knowledge of pastoralist communities specifically on rift valley fever as this disease is of public challenge when the disease erupt because it might cause death, decrease productivity and a lot of costs to humans when it is not well be prevented”

Marked Dr. Amina Issae, a full funded PhD student under IRPM&BTD Project in Pest Management Centre when presenting her research proposal at National Carbon Monitoring  Centre in room 0006 earlier 7th January  2021.

The research titled “Prevalence Characterization Community Awareness and Risk Factors Modelling of Rift Valley Fever Virus in Ngorongoro District, Tanzania” will be conducted to assess the knowledge of the societies on what they know about the disease and how to prevent the eruption of Rift Valley Fever so as to escape the social and economical loss to the targeted communities in the district and the country at large.

We are wishing Dr. Issae  all the best in her journey of four years to successful  after starting conducting the research so as to bright the knowledge to the public.


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