Judge(Retired) Hon. Joseph Warioba, Chancellor of SUA Amazed by Ongoing Research Technology at Pest Management Centre in Association With APOPO.

Hon. Joseph Warioba,  Chancellor of SUA amazed by ongoing research technology at Pest Management Centre in association with APOPO. This occurs when he visits to see  Owl and Rodent technology  workshop at APOPO building during his over all tour at Sokoine University of Agriculture on 17th November 2020.
Hon. Warioba charmingly congrats Pest Management Centre and APOPO on the innovation hub that seems to help the country to achieve in different agricultural and health sectors.
Speaking to welcome  Chancellor of SUA, Director of Pest Management Centre Dr. Ladslaus Mnyone introduces his staff members and wishing Hon.Warioba and his collegue wonderful tour at Sokoine University of Agriculture.

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