Prof. Rhodes Makundi

Prof. Rhodes Makundi



Sokoine University of Agriculture
Institute of Pest Management
P.O. Box 3110
Morogoro, Tanzania.


Contact Information

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Professor Rhodes H. Makundi was born on 24th October 1954 in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. He had his undergraduate studies at the University of Dar es Salaam where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Botany, and Education in 1979. He joined the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) in 1981 and graduated with a Masters degree in Applied Entomology in 1983.

In 1992 he joined the University of Newcastle (UK) for a Ph.D. graduating in 1996. He worked for the Ministry of Agriculture (Tanzania) as a Research Officer from 1980 to 1987. He has been employed by Sokoine University of Agriculture since 1987, with the current position of Research Professor. His main research interests are pest ecology and pest management technologies.

In the last 20 years, he has conducted intensive research on rodents focusing on their zoo-geographical distribution, ecology, disease transmission, and ecologically-based rodent pest management. He has published more than 130 articles being papers in international peer-reviewed journals and book chapters.

Academic Qualifications: 

  • Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)               (1976 – 79)    B.Sc. (Zoology, Botany and Education)
  • Newcastle upon Type (UK)            (1981 – 83)    M.Sc. (Applied Entomology)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)            (1992 – 96)    PhD   (Applied Entomology


  •       Small mammal ecology.
  •      Ecology of zoophilic diseases.
  •      Pest management technologies.
  •       Insects pest ecology and management


  • Capacity building in rodent research: Ecology, biodiversity and taxonomy of the rodent fauna of Tanzania. Funded by the Belgian Government through the SUA VLIR Programme (1998 – 2007).
  • STAPLERAT Project: Protecting staple crops in eastern Africa: integrated approaches for ecologically based field rodent pest management. INCO-DC contract number ICA4-CT-2000-30029 (European Union Funded) (2000 – 2003).
  • FOCAL-PANTIL Project: “Development of improved storage strategies, dissemination and integration with indigenous knowledge/practices to reduce post-harvest losses of cereals and pulses due to pests” (Funded by The FOCAL/PANTIL Programme, SUA (2003 – 2007).
  • Research Initiative Programme Project: Spatial and temporal prevalence of rodent-borne zoonotic diseases affecting public health in the Rift Valley in Tanzania (Funded by the Belgian Government through the IUC-RIP programme) (2008 – 2012).
  • StopRats: Sustainable Technology to Overcome Pest Rodents in Africa Through Science (Funded by EU-ACP Science and Technology Programme) (2014 – 2017).
  • Rodent Outbreak Management to Improve Livelihoods of African Farmers (Funded by Agriculture Technology Innovation and Transfer/DFID – United Kingdom) (2014 – 2016).


Journal Articles and Book Chapters


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Books and Book Chapters


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Extension Materials

  • Makundi R.H., Misangu, R.N., Reuben, S.O.W.M., Kilonzo, B.S., Ishengoma, C.G., Lyimo,
    H., and Mwatawala, M. 2005. Uboreshaji wa vihenge, hifadhi bora na udhibiti wa
    viumbe waharibifu wa mazao ghalani. Chapisho namba FOCAL 4 – 2005.


Other Research Papers & writings

(i) Professorial
Inaugural Lecture
Makundi R.H. (2009) The Mysteries of the Rats. Sokoine University of Agriculture, 25th November 2009. 49p.

(ii) Consultancy Report
Makundi Rhodes, H
.,Ngowo Victoria, Massawe Apia, W. and Mshuza Eustace 2010. Community-Based Rodent Management  in Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania. Consultancy Reports. Belgian Technical Cooperation/ Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperatives. Tanzania. 99 pp.



  • Paolo Colangelo, Herwig Leirs, Rhodes H. Makundi, Margo D’aes, Nicholas O. Oguge, Erik Verheyen. Skull shape variation in the genus Mastomys (Rodentia, murinae): influence of ecogeographic and


Leadership at the University

  1. 2004-2006: Associate Director, Pest Management Centre
  2. July 2006- June 2014: Director, Pest Management Centre
  3. July 2006 – June 2014. SUA Coordinator of SUA – APOPO
  4. June 2016- to date:  Deputy Centre Leader, Africa Centre of Excellence for Innovative Rodent Pest Management and Biosensor Technology Development


Supervision of undergraduates and postgraduate students

1 Undergraduates(BSc)
1. Fatuma Mohamed (BSc. Food Science and Technology) Title: The Effect of Neem Seed Powder incorporated in Feed on the Larvae of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori

2. Anna Samwel (BSc. Agriculture General) Title: Effect of Tephrosia vogelli on feed intake and body weight of white mice. 

  1. 2001
    Kessy, Radegunda, F.I. (BSc. Agriculture General). Title: The efficacy of paddy husk ash against the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus) and maize weevils (Sitophilus zeamais) in maize grains.
  2. 2011
    Lugeimamu Amon. (BSc Agriculture). Title: Assessment of invertebrates diversity in cultivated and non cultivated areas at SUA.

5 . Matingisa Esther (BSc. Wildlife Management)  Title: A study of the diversity of small mammals in Kigurunyembe natural forest, Morogoro

  1. Lumuliko Bakari (BSc. Wildlife Management)  Title: Investigation of the diversity of invertebrates in the Kigurunyembe natural fores, Morogorot
  2. Dunia Almasi (BSc. Wildlife Management)  Title: Plant diversity in Kigurunyembe natural forest, Morogoro

Postgraduates: Master of Science


  1. Mwatawala Maulid: Title of dissertation: Development of a computer data base for integrated pest management in selected
    crops for use in Tanzania

2. Nyabilisi Maliyatabu Ng’homa:  Title of Dissertation: Effectiveness of four botanical extracts for control of American Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) (Hubner) and cotton aphids (Aphis gossypii) (Glover) on cotton in Mwanza region.

3. Sophia Shaban Kashenge: Title of Dissertation: Comparative efficacy of Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Amitraz (Mitac) against the two spotted spider mites (T. urticae) on tomatoes (Lycospercum esculatum)
4. Kamwela, D.S.:  Title of Dissertation: The response of the larger grain borer (Prostephanus truncatus) (Horn) to varietal resistance in maize.
5. Mwinyi, W.A.: Title of Dissertation:Control of Cashew sucking bugs (Helopeltis anacardii, H. schoutedeni and Pseudotheraptus wayi by manipulating weaver ants, Oecophylla longinoda,  populations in cashew nut trees.

6. Sariah, J.E.: Title of Dissertation: Influence of sowing time of Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) on level of infestation and parasitism of the bean stem maggot (Ophiomyia spp.).
7. Haule, John Bosco.: Title of Dissertation: The effect of extracts of neem  seed on survival and infestation of Thrips tabaci on onions.

8. Mrosso, F.P.: Title of Dissertation: Reproduction and population dynamics of Arvicanthis niloticus (Desmarest 1822) in Kilosa District, Tanzania.

9. Mgoo, Victor.: Title of dissertation: Maize yield losses attributed to the Stem Borer Chilo partelus (Swinhoe)(Lepidoptera: Cerambidae) in Eastern agro ecological zone of Tanzania.

  1. Nassoro Abdulla.: Title: Species and distribution of egg parasitoids of maize stem borers in Morogoro and Coast regions in Tanzania.


  1. Swila Ntuli. Title: Dynamics of infestation of maize by the Larger Grain Borer, Prostephanus truncatus and maize weevils, Sitophilus zeamais in single and mixed populations

 12 Sabuni C.S. Title: Species composition and diversity of small mammals in the Saadani National Park, Tanzania.

  1. Fivawo Bernadette: Title: Efficacy of some botanical insecticides against common bean bruchids (Zabrotes subfasciatus Boh and Acanthoscelides obtectus Say)

14 Magina, F. Title: Spatial distribution and temporal abundance variation of three important insect pests of coffee in Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania

 15.Mziray, Henry, A. Title: Incidence, host utilization and seasonality of Solanum fruit fly, Bactocera latifrons (Hendel) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Morogoro,Tanzania.

16.Muhidin Mabula Title: Host range and population dynamics of cotton strainers, Dysdercus spp. in Kilosa District,Tanzania.

.Kongola E. Title: Movements and home range of rodents in domestic and peridomestic areas in Berega village, Morogoro, Tanzania.

18. Aenea Saanya. Title: species diversity and abundance of of rodents and shrews in different habitats and seasons in the Northern sector of Selous Game Reserve,Tanzania
19. Ginethon Mhamphi. Title: “Laboratory evaluation of effects of quinestrol nd levonorgestrel on fertility and reproductive performance of multimammate rats, Mastomys natalensis”.

20. Zacharia Joseph Mseswa. Species diversity of small mammals in Mamiwa – Kisara North in Kilosa District, Tanzania.

Postgraduates: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


  1. Banwo, O. O. Title of thesis: Vector  identification, bionomics and molecular characterization of rice yellow mottle virus in Tanzania
  2.         2003
    Mulungu, L.S.  Title of thesis: Assessment of maize (Zea mais L.) damage and yield loss due to the multi-mammate rats, Mastomys natalensis (Smith, 1834) in the field.

    3. Richard O. Odhiambo. Title of thesis: Community structure and diet preference of rodent pests of maize (Zea mais L.) in central and southwestern Tanzania.

  3.   2007
    Mwatawala, Maulid. Title of Research Project: Host range, population dynamics and damage of fruits by fruit flies i Morogoro Region, Tanzania.

5. Kweka, E. Title of Research Project: Integrated control of Anopheles arabiensis for malaria management in northern Tanzania (registered with  Open University of Tanzania


6.Christopher Sabuni. Population ecology of Rhynchocyon petersi and Beamys hindei in selected coastal forests in and around Saadani National Park,  Tanzania.


  1. Msyani Edward Title of Research:  A comparative study of the population ecology of small mammals in areas with and without human activities
    in Kilimanjaro National Park – Tanzania.
  2. Kuruthumu Mamwende – PhD Research Title: Assessing the impacts of habitat fragmentation on the patterns of crop raiding by baboons
    and mangabeys, and potential parasite and microorganism transmission between humans and non-human primates in Tanzania.


  1. Saanya Aenea – Phd Research Title: Community Ecology of small mammals in the Selous Ecossyetem
  2. SSuuna James PhD Research Title: Effect of habitat disturbance on population dynamics and community structure of rodents in Mabira Central
    Forest Reserve, Uganda.
  3. Kiros Welegerema Gerlass – PhdTitle: Landscape ecology and Population Genetics of Stenoocepjalemys albipes in the Afro-Alpine Ecosystem in
  4. Sisiria Akoth. PhD Title- Diversity and population dynamics of rodents and ectoparasites in Mt Elgon Ecosystems Uganda.
  5. Kessy Stella. PhD Title: Ecology of rodents and their flea ectoparasites in plague endemic districts of Mbulu and Karatu, Tanzania



Membership in committees, boards and professional organizations


شرط بندی پرسپولیس شرط بندی استقلال شرط بندی روی تراکتورسازی تبریز شرط بندی روی سپاهان شرط بندی رئال مادرید بارسلونا شرط بندی شرط بندی psg سایت شرط بندی جام جهانی شرط بندی جام جهانی 2026 سایت شرط بندی جام جهانی 2026 بازی انفجار رایگان سایت انفجار ضریب بالا بهترین سایت شرط بندی فارسی شرط بندی بدون فیلتر شرط بندی بازی رولت شرط بندی پوکر شرط بندی مونتی شرط بندی سنگ کاغذ قیچی شرط بندی بلک جک کرش رویال بت پاسور شرط شرط بندی تخته نرد آنلاین انفجار 2 بت شرط بندی بازی اسلات شرط بندی بازی پوپ سایت سامان بت ریور پوکر 2024 سایت 4030bet ورود به بازی انفجار دنس بت شرط بندی انفجار دنس آموزش بازی پوکر سایت شرط بندی 123 بهترین شرط بندی بهترین سایت شرط بندی انفجار اپلیکیشن بازی انفجار دانلود بازی انفجار انفجار بازی ربات بازی انفجار کازینو آنلاین ایرانی انفجار پولساز ورود به بازی انفجار بازی انفجار با شارژ 10 تومن سایت bet betyek وان ایکس برو آدرس سایت بت یک سایت دوست دختر اونلی فنز فارسی پیدا کردن دوست دختر ورود به ریور پوکر پدرام مختاری پویان مختاری نازنین همدانی مونتیگو داوود هزینه بیوگرافی آیسان اسلامی بیوگرافی دنیا جهانبخت سایت رسمی حسین تهی بیوگرافی کوروش وانتونز سایت آرتا وانتونز رها وانتونز بیوگرافی ربکا قادری سحر قریشی بیوگرافی تتلو بیوگرافی مهدی طارمی الناز شاکردوست سایت عادل فردوسی پور بیوگرافی نیلی افشار بیوگرافی محمدرضا گلزار سایت armin2afm بیوگرافی شادمهر عقیلی بیوگرافی سردارآزمون بیوگرافی علیرضا بیرانوند بیوگرافی رامین رضاییان وریا غفوری بیوگرافی علی دایی بیوگرافی پوریا پوتک مدگل سایت حصین بیوگرافی صدف طاهریان فرشاد سایلنت بیوگرافی آریا کئوکسر بیوگرافی sogang بیوگرافی میا پلیز بیوگرافی مهراد هیدن سایت رسمی سهراب ام جی بیوگرافی علیرضا جی جی بیوگرافی بهزاد لیتو اشکان فدایی بیوگرافی رضا پیشرو بیوگرافی گلشیفته بیوگرافی هیپ هاپولوژیست بیوگرافی سارن بیوگرافی آدام مرادی بیوگرافی محمد هلاکویی بیوگرافی علی حسنی سایت رسمی علی حسنی بیوگرافی ساسی خواننده بیوگرافی ابی باربد معصومی حسینی فایننس بیوگرافی امیرحسین نام آور بیوگرافی امین فردین بیوگرافی فرزاد وجیهی