Dr. Christopher Sabuni

Dr. Christopher Sabuni

Head of Laboratory and Research Facilities


Sokoine University of Agriculture 
Institute of Pest Management
P.O. Box 3110 
Morogoro, Tanzania. 

Contact Information

Email: csabuni@sua.ac.tz / sabunic03@gmail.com


Christopher Sabuni is employed at Sokoine University of Agriculture under Pest Management Centre as Research Chief Technologist. He posseses a PhD on the Ecology of Small mammals in Coastal forest. His main interest of reseach have been  to sudy the ecology of small mammals in the coastal forests especially elephant shrew Rhynchocyon petersi and the lessser pouched mouse Beamys hindei. Further, he has been engaged in surveying of non and flying small mammals (Rodents, Macroselidae (elephant shrew or sengis) and Bats) in different biotopes  in Tanzania to ascertain their status  in terms of  diversity,taxonomic and their biogeography in general. Sabuni has been also involved on the research on rodent born diseases such as Plaque, lassa related virus and tickborne relapsing fever. 
He has been also a pioneer in conducting tropical field school in Tanzania involving BSc wildlife Students from Sokoine University of Agriculture together with their fellow students from Antwerp University, Belgium since 2016. The tropical field school is now also  Conducted for Newly Postugraduates Students studying under ACE 11 for R IRPM and BTD from 2017 specifically on the introduction of small mammals in particular Rodents before their embark their proposal developments.

Academic  Qualifications

  •    PhD. 2009 – 2014
    Wildlife Management : Sokoine University of Agriculture
  •    M.Sc. 2005-2008
    Wildlife Management: Sokoine University of Agriculture
  •  B.Sc. 2001-200
    Wildlife Management: Sokoine University of griculture


  • Ecology and diversity of flying and non flying small mammals (bats, rodents and lephant shrew)
  • Rodent born zoonotic diseases (plague and tick borne relapsing fever.




  • Christopher Sabuni, Tatiana Aghova, Anna Bryjova, Radim Šumbera and Josef Bryja (2017). Biogegraphic implications of small mammals from the northern highlands in Tanzania with first data from the volcanic Mount. Kitumbeine. doi.org/10.1515/mammalia-2017-0069
  • Elizabeth J. Carlen, Galen B. Rathbun, Linki E. Olson, Christopher A. Sabuni, William T, Stanley and John P. Dumbacher (2017), Reconstructing the molecular phylogeny of giant sengis (Macroscelidea, Macroscelididae; Rhynchocyon) Molecular phylogenetic and Evolution 113: 150-160


  • Ond_Rej Mikula, Radim _Sumbera, Tatiana Aghov_A, Judith S. Mbau, Abdul S. Katakweba, Christopher A. Sabuni, Josef Bryja (2016). Evolutionary history and species diversity of African pouched mice (Rodentia: Nesomyidae: Saccostomus). —Zoologica Scripta doi:10.1111/zsc.12179.
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  • Christopher A Sabuni., Vincent Sluydts., Loth S Mulungu., Samwel S Maganga, Rhodes H Makundi, Herwig Leirs (2015). Distribution and ecology of lesser pouched rat, Beamys hindei, in Tanzanian Coastal forests. Integrative Zoology. 10: 531-542.
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  • Christopher A. Sabuni., Anka Beddetti., Herwig Leirs (2011) Can giant sengis (genus Rhynchocyon) be captured with baited traps? Afrotheria Conservation 8: 7-9.

2008 – 2010

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Chapter in the Book

  •  Ramadhani B.Senzota, Christopher Sabuni and Maurus Msuha (2012). Check list of Small Mammals in Tanzania in: Check lists of Tanzanian Species.Hulda,G.,Philbert,N. and Godfrey,O (editors).



Leadership at the university

  1. Member of executive committee of RAAWU (2010- 2018).
  2. Workers Council Secretary (July 2012-June 2018).

Supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate students

  • Okode, L. Juma (2015). Rodents Diversity and Abundance in Relation to Altitudinal Variations on Uluguru Mountain Ranges (BSc. Wildlife Management, Special project).
  • Leticia, J. Musese (2015). Assessment of the Effect of Altitude on Infestation Rate of Ectoparasites on Rodents at Uluguru Mountain (BSc.Wildlife Management, Special project).
  • Massay, A. Anatoli (2016). Assesment of Species Composition and Diversity of Non-Flying Small Mammals in Mkomazi National Park (BSc. Wildlife Management, Special project).

Membership in committees, boards and professional organizations


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